Life + Places

I do believe that my work is a good way to get to know me. However, I am also human, father and very passionate about beautiful maps, paper notebooks, storytelling and photography with a fixed lense. I take most of my pictures when I´m travelling. You can find them (and me) on Instagram.




#homebased in all four directions of the compass

I do not have a very strong feeling of being rooted to a certain place. Although kids do turn one's life upside down, my feeling of being un-rooted didn't change (yet). As long as my family is around me, a place does not have to fulfill many requirements for me to being called home. After living in Berlin for eight years, our current homebase – since mid-2014 – is in Bonn/Germany. I spent the last 15 years in dialectic environments on four different continents: from sprawling Copenhagen city center to a gated community in the southern hemisphere near Pretoria in South Africa; I experienced organized Japanese metropolises as well as the rather unstructured island life in Hawaii as a social service worker.